Yi Qiu

Ph.D. student in Physics Department of Pennsylvania State University.

Sampling and MCMC

  1. PyMC3
  2. emcee
  3. dynesty

SXS catalog


Using the Spectral Einstein Code.

The Spectral Einstein Code (SpEC) is a flexible infrastructure for solving partial differential equations using multi-domain spectral methods.

Some of its features are:

  • A flexible domain decomposition supporting individual subdomains (cells, elements) of various topologies, e.g. blocks, spheres, cylinders, and any combination thereof. Subdomains can touch or overlap.
  • Solves hyperbolic and elliptic PDEs.
  • Interfaces to the visualization software ParaView and VisIt.

External Software

SpEC benefits from the years of work put into the following general-purpose scientific software packages: